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The main activity of Gudalija is wood cutting and processing. The company cuts wood for structures, framework, fences, scaffolding, roofs and siding.

Also, we produce wooden cabins, summer houses, saunas, garages or other constructions according to our standard projects or to our clients individual orders. Our products are made of high quality Lithuanian spruce wood, which we select, produce and sort for your order.


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We constantly cut production of standard dimensions and keep it in stock.

Also, to your individual order we provide the following services: kiln drying, planing, impregnating and delivering.

The company constantly invests in production technologies and production improvement.

Since 2016, UAB "Gudalija" is certified to perform CE grading of wood products according to the INSTA 142 standard and assign it strength classes C14 , C18 , C24 and C30 .


Gudalia strives to be a good and reliable partner for its customers and seeks long-term cooperation. The company's wood is the highest quality product at the most attractive price.

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